Friday, January 14, 2011

The Final Ultra Sound

On April 5th, 2010  was our final growth ultra sound and my sister Kacey got to go with us..she had to do our photo shoot..just to add to the pictures.. and this is what she captured.

Etown Diagnostic Imaging

Tears of Joy and so Ready for him to be here!

He wouldn't be still

How Sweet

His foot

The tech telling us his estimated weight 9lbs 5oz! Now I'm scared!

Pat was just as scared as I was

Now with just 2 days left I had to get some rest! yea right!

Easter Sunday 2010

Today was Easter Sunday and yes it was beautiful outside and everything was turning GREEN....
We got up and Got ready for church and yes we all three matched and I had even bought a shirt for the baby just in case he came early.
Shelby when she woke up with her basket

Her favorite Justn Bieber

Easter 2009

My Lil Girl is getting Big

My Mom got Seth a basket too!

It had a OWL to match his Nursery in it

39 weeks!

Kacey and I Easter at her house

Dad, Mom and Nate

Ready to hunt those Eggs
our Bradford Pear Trees in our Yard

They were in full bloom
Well with only three days away was getting close!

What a Day What a Day

March 29, 2010 was just a normal day sitting and rocking waiting  April 7th to just hurry up and get here!Shelby was still at school, and Pat had came home early and was just not himself at all and was very emotional... he said Hanya there is something wrong and I was like what is it? He said "Hanya I'm LOST" I was a emotional wreck... if this didn't throw me into to labor nothing was... So he jumped in the shower and when he got out he ran over to talk to James. James had just gotten home and the house was full of therapist but it didn't bother them for they knew who Pat was and he knew who they were.. He Told James that he need to talk to him and to grab his BIBLE.. so James did and they headed off to Jadens Room.

So when Pat told James what was going on James then Led My Husband to the LORD! I never knew in the 20 years of being with my husband that he was Lost! So on March 29, 2009 My husband received Christ as his Personal Savior! And Little Jaden was James Silent Partner for he didn't make one peep while James was going over the verses and Praying with Uncle Pat.

Jaden's 2nd Birthday

It was hard to believe My lil nephew was turning TWO! Kacey had planned a great Big CLASSIC CAR PARTY! So Uncle Pat let her borrow all of his cars to decorate.. He loved his party and so did the kids

Birthday Boy

Uncle Pat collects these so he let Jaden have them for the Party

He Loves the Kids so much!

Shelby reading Jadens cards to him

My Absolute Favorite ( she is the Best Mom in the WORLD)

Jaden's Cousins and Uncle Nate

Pat, Jaden and I
We sure did have a great time Celebrating another year of Miracles and yes Jaden is truly "our Miracle"

Moving Back Home

After five months living at James and Kacey's it was our turn to return HOME..Shelby was so sad and I was sad that we was leaving too....But we had a home to get ready for Seth.. Jaden was gonna be lost without Shelby Ann!
We had a Wonderful five months together..taking turns cooking , cleaning, helping take care of Jaden, Home work, therapy, Dr. appointments, But guess what we did it all together..I was gonna miss Kacey Jumping up in the middle of the night running to put Paci back in for Jaden and the Smell of Coffee when James left for work....beings I didn't sleep through the night and was up and down to pee about every hour, I was even gonna miss the man next door up through the night standing in the kitchen window!!! I know Kacey was Sad to see Shelby go for this was her lil Girl from the start... But we did nothing but make memories... and we would do it again! (If they would let us)...heheh

I was now ready to make my nest! and getting things moved back in ..
so her it was just a start.

The Nursery Owl Theme

Shelby she was excited

My Mom did a Great Job on the Tree

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Look WHO"s Coming

Yes it was time for my Baby Shower and It was WONDERFUL! My Sisters did a AWESOME Job!
I taught them well!  We had over 60 people to come to the Shower to Help Welcome Seth Twyman Patrick Williamson.

Kacey did a Great Job as Always on my OWL Cake!

The food was AWESOME too!

My Mom is the BEST when it comes to Decorating

Me seeing the cake for the First time

Shelby Getting her BIG SISTER sash on

The Banana Crush Punch

The Nursery Bedding Theme

Me sitting in My new Rocking Chair( My Butt was killing me as you can still see)

Tessie My baby sister made me and Seth this Afghan to match the nursery

Shelby Opened all the cards a read them to me, I don't know what I would do with out her!

Mom, Tess, Me, And Kacey